Far Metal Dark Arts

US Marine Corps

Reported to Combat Instructor School in 2012 where I served multiple billets at Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry-East. Holding a senior instructor title as offensive and defensive tactics lead instructor. Attained the 0341 MOS while working with the Weapons Instructor group. Served at ITB in various billets until receiving orders to report to 2d battalion, 8th Marines in 2016.

While serving with V2/8 my billets included, 6th Platoon Commander (SPMAG-TF-CR-AF) from 2016-2017. Deploying to Spain, Italy, and Africa with Joint Operation Task force. During my time at V2/8, I held the Weapons Platoon Commander, Weapons Platoon Sergeant and Company Gunnery Sergeant Positions. Finally ending my service after returning from Okinawa in 2018, and end of service in August of 2019. 

After a nomadic adventure and a lot of LSD and DMT, I returned to my home and began working on my dream to start my own business. The artwork you will see is just the beginning of a dream to be realized. FMDA is meant to honor the fallen and create works of art to walk you through the darkness and embrace it, fight it, and always move forward for those who are no longer with us. As I move forward, there will be more than just Military-related work. I am just an Artist who has done. a lot in my life so far. Always Create. It will save you one day.

I am a One Man operation, and if I can accomplish a dream, so can you.

Continue to move Forward, always. 

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