Olive Drab

US Army


I'm a veteran who started creating contemporary military morale and nose art after leaving the military. I wanted to introduce a style that is more appealing to a broader audience. The goal was to introduce people into the community while steering clear of the typical "bro-vet" mentality and stigma. I wanted to bring more pop culture and unconventional ideas into the fold but also stay true to the subject matter that's palatable and honest to both the MIL and 2A communities.

That being said, I also want to create an environment inviting to all people. I want to bring them into the fold by slowly winning their hearts and minds through art. The more people we can bring to the table and find commonality with, the better.

By adopting things that pop culture finds influential and adding our twist on it, we can bring awareness to things that are important to us without having to be overly political. 

I believe winning hearts and minds while finding commonality is the only pathway forward on the current political landscape. This is the purpose of the OLIVEDRAB_PROJECT.

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